Marisa Greco

Marisa Greco

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Hello everyone, my name is Marisa, I am Italian and have a strong passion for teaching my language to foreign students. I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, a Master's degree in Italian Language Teaching and CLTA certification (Certification for teaching Italian to adult students) at International House in London.
My lessons are practical and aimed at achieving the student's objectives.
I usually divide my lessons into three parts:
- PRONUNCIATION/READING. In this segment, we focus on enhancing your pronunciation skills, and we delve into various reading exercises. This part helps you develop a solid foundation in understanding and articulating the language accurately.
- CONVERSATION. This is the interactive phase of the lesson where we engage in meaningful conversations. We discuss various topics and engage in dialogue to improve your oral communication skills. It's an opportunity for you to practice and apply what you've learned in real-life situations.
- WRITING. The writing portion of the lesson concentrates on enhancing your writing skills. We work on grammar, vocabulary, and composition. Whether it's formal documents, creative writing, or even just emails, this part helps you become a more proficient and confident writer in the language.
However, I collaborate with the students to determine the direction to take and the topics that interest them. Furthermore, even between lessons, you can reach out to me with any questions.
My lessons are online (zoom platform) and on weekends. They usually last an hour, but you can choose a half-hour lesson.
My students would describe me as an enthusiastic, collaborative, and cheerful woman. Their appreciation is always the best motivation for me to move on forward, I’m empathetic and possess a calm attitude in each situation. Do not hesitate to contact me. The first lesson is free. Ciao a presto.
Dai lezioni private per:
  • Studenti di medie, superiori, università, adulti
  • Aziende, indipendenti e professionisti(in company)
Tipo di lezioni impartite da Marisa Greco
  • Online (Skype, Zoom, Classgap)
Parla queste lingue
  • Italiano
  • Inglese
Formazione: titoli, corsi e certificazioni
  • Diplomatura:

    Foreign Languages

  • Post-laurea o master:

    Teaching Italian as a foreign language

  • CLTA Teaching Qualification - Certificate in teaching of Italian as a Foreign Language to Adults

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Marisa Greco
Marisa Greco
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Marisa Greco
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