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“experienced children’s tutor: english/biology, 3 years, saving for africa’s future
Forano, RomaFCE First Certificate in English13 €/h1ª lezione gratis
I’m the educator you’re looking for to spark a revolution in English learning! With a zest for computational biolog...
Celta certified english teacher for adults and young learners
Forano, RomaInglese20 €/h1ª lezione gratis
Hi there! I'm a patient, enthusiastic educator. I'm passionate about helping my pupils gain confidence in the Engli...
Tutor disponibile per ripetizioni ambito umanistico e linguistico, aiuto compiti e aiuto a trovare un metodo di studio efficiente.
Forano, Cantalupo In Sabina,...Aiuto compiti10 €/h
Ho avuto esperienza con bambini di elementari, insegnamento regole grammaticali dell’inglese + memorizzazione vocab...
Ready to supercharge your english skills? join me for tailored lessons, guaranteed results!
Forano, RomaInglese20 €/h1ª lezione gratis
Avvia un percorso di apprendimento con un insegnante di inglese che ha vissuto nella vibrante cultura di Londra per...
I am available for helping students of all classes.
Forano, RomaAiuto compiti20 €/h1ª lezione gratis
I am experienced teacher and i am here to help my students in their studies and all the tasks assign in your school...
I provide private english lessons for beginners
Forano, RomaInglese13 €/h1ª lezione gratis
Hi there! I'm Samira, an English teacher. I firmly believe that learning a new language should be enjoyable, and it...
Apply for insegnante di scienze naturali
Forano, CeccanoScienze naturali6 €/h1ª lezione gratis
My name is Abid Ali, I'm completed MSc Microbiology from Abasyn university Peshawar, Pakistan. I have maximum 4 yea...
“experienced children’s tutor: english/biology, 3 years, saving for africa’s future”
Forano, RomaInglese13 €/h1ª lezione gratis
“Engaging, interactive English/Biology lessons with personalized plans, fun activities, regular progress assessment...
Arabo for fun !!! parli dalla prima lezione
Forano, RomaArabo12 €/h1ª lezione gratis
E’ un corso di arabo semplice , basato sulla comunicazione … fin dalla prima lezione potrai parlare in lingua ara...
Forano, RomaAerobica10 €/h
The lessons will be field with the participation of all students, so that it can be fun, interactive and highly edu...
 unlock the art of captivating photography with my online courses, blending my rome-inspired creativity, proven successes, and innovative teaching methods for all skill levels!
Forano, RomaFotografia20 €/h
As your dedicated photography mentor and an experience in the industry of over 10 years, I assure you unwavering su...
For elementary, middle and highschool students
Forano, RomaMatematica13 €/h1ª lezione gratis
As a seasoned tutor, I possess a wealth of experience working with elementary, middle, and high school students. My...
Get homework done right with a native english speaker. offering online or in-person assistance in rome. efficient, effective, and results-oriented support for academic success.
Forano, RomaInglese13 €/h1ª lezione gratis
I'm here to make assignments a breeze, using precision, clarity, and active conversation. From grammar to literatur...
English teacher for kids and teenagers with books and movies. it will help to learn english with joy and having fun
Forano, RomaInglese11 €/h1ª lezione gratis
I am an efficient professional who has been consistently praised as hard-working by my peers. Over the course of my...
Lezioni accurate di lingua inglese/easy english for you
Forano, LatinaInglese15 €/h1ª lezione gratis
Insegnante di inglese con laurea magistrale in lingue e linguistica, iscritto alle graduatorie docenti impartisce r...
Teacher of english language for professional usage and communication
Forano, RomaInglese13 €/h1ª lezione gratis
Sensitive to needs of students and ways of their easy grasp of concepts, non judgmental about progress for a free c...
Forano, RomaInglese12 €/h
I am a private teacher who has been working with kids last 2 years. I began to realize that the most effective and ...
English, french and arabic tutor for any level and age
Forano, RomaInglese9 €/h1ª lezione gratis
I currently a student pursuing my master's degree in Finance, I am very proficient in both English, French and Arab...
I have experiences on sports major for ex: football, fitness and medicine sports i am glad to 5 years being teacher for children
Forano, RomaFitness22 €/h1ª lezione gratis
“From young talent to developing physical skills, I offer personalized private fitness lessons. With extensive expe...
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