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TEFL certified teacher provide online English classes to young learners and primary student

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Hi there,
My name is teacher M Wali Ullah. I am 20 years old. I was born and raised in Bangladesh. I have earned my H.S.C which means secondary high school degree from one of the best colleges in my country named Government Haraganga College. I have graduated there with highest grade point. I am now doing my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at University of the People. I feel proud to have this great opportunity for studying at this university. I am learning a lot, all day, every day. I have met some fascinating teachers and a lot of genius students.
I have done my TEFL courses at 2 different institutions. The first one is TEFL 120-hour course at TEFL Professional Development Institute. The course covers a range of theoretical and practical skills needed to teach in the modern TEFL classroom and online. I have successfully completed this course with all units completed with a grade of high distinction. The second one is the same course at the Teacher-Record portal. I was also awarded a 20-Lesson TRA certificate there which shows my good attendance and punctuality. After attending 20 classes in time, demanded TRA certificate was awarded. I am also certified as a C2 English user as I took the EF Standard English Test.
My teaching styles are very dynamic. My classes are fun, creative and interesting. I want my student to be relaxed so that we can do a lot of interesting activities. In my class students don’t have to worry about their mistakes because that is a part of learning. I speak Bengali and English. Now I am learning Japanese and so I know how it is to learn a new language. I really believe that every student has varying individual needs and I would like to get to know them and tailor my classes to what works well for them.
I am relatively new to ESL teaching. But I have experience working as a private tutor in my city for more than 2 years. I teach high school students English, Mathematics, and ICT. I also assist my younger siblings in their academic learning. Recently, I was recruited by Nice Tutor. It is an international tutoring platform based in Germany. I am going to teach there online from next month.
I am passionate to teach in your international school. I hope that you will consider my application. I am really looking forward to working with you to open all opportunities in the world to young learners.
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M Wali

M Wali


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