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English place prepositions and demonstrative pronouns


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First of all, to teach prepositions of place, I can help my students easily understand the prepositions of place such as in front of, behind, beside, and so on, with authentic materials, in a simple way with a desk and a pen. If it is not face-to-face, I can ask warm-up questions through various videos and ask which preposition is appropriate through pictures. I use the Wordwall game that I currently use with my students. Because students learn more permanently through games. A second issue is the example of demonstrative pronouns. I love talking about this topic. I include them in my examples by starting from a story or by taking school materials and students with me, by seeing and hearing, and most importantly, not forgetting the kinesthetic students, if they don't understand, I often use it to create a collaborative environment in the classroom and have people who understand explain it to those who don't. I can use these kinds of techniques to avoid using my native language. I put the pieces together in my way, using synonyms or, at worst, my sign language. I want them to draw with a pencil and brainstorm to realize the structures' features with example sentences. Then, I explain the structures myself using example sentences and finally finish with an in-class activity or game.
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