Rules for Learning English at home. Tips and tricks I have learned while being a student!

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Some rules to improve learning at home or with a private english tutor. This is one of the best idea that a student can follow while learning a new language.

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Keep a journal in your target language! It is personalize so it is full of things that you want to talk about. You can do it in a phisical notebook or on your computer, there are no rules for this. It is not time consuming: you can do it a couple of time a week as everyday, the choice is yours.

You can practice the vocabulary and rules that you want and need. Keeping a journal allows you to see what you are lacking and what you have learned. It is a very good track record of the language process and it can be very rewarding. It is such a nice feeling after weeks of practice and study when you can see your pages being fuller and with less blank spaces.

This is one of the first thing that I will ask my students to do and to keep so that we can both have a good record of the language and also input on what to do next! 

Write about the book you read, the tv show you watched, the meeting with your friends or the crazy thing you have done, the amazing cake you baked! Everything can go in the journal and everything is worth noting because it will make you improve so much faster!

If you don't know a word, do not panic. Leave a blank space and write the word in your own language. Arrive at the end of the paragraph and do not stop yourself from writing.  You will have two options after you have finished: get a dictionary and add the new word (maybe in a different colour so it can stand out) or wait for the word/rule to appear in your lesson and go and fill it up or rewrite the entry with the new words. 

Go! Try now!

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