Grammar pills: the importance of Compound Adjectives


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What's the difference between the following sentences?

"John is a small business owner" and "John is a small-business owner".

That's right! The dash symbol. 

I want to tell you that John is the owner of a small business, but without the dash symbol between "small" and "business" the meaning of the sentence changes. John becomes a small, tiny, businessman.  

This grammar pill is called compound adjective.
A compound adjective is formed when two or more adjectives (or adjective + noun) are joined together to modify the meaning of the same noun.

This grammar pill will help you sending more simple, clear and direct business messages (e.g. emails) to your recepient.
Grammar includes rules that are right or wrong.

When sending a business communication, also guidelines are important. Guidelines help to create your own (written) style and to write more clear and effective messages. 

Take a look at the following message:
"It is important that we deliver the documents" - 8 words to communicate the message.

Let's change the sentence reducing the number of words used to communicate the same message:
"We must deliver the documents".

We communicate the same thing but with a more efficient power. 

Remember that business writing is any written communication used in a professional setting, including emails, memos and reports and has to be direct, clear and design to be read quickly in order to communicate with power and efficiency.

Consider the use of a brief greeting or conclusion. Say please and Thank you.

Use short paragraphs, clear sentences, and a polite, professional tone.

Find out more about the topic in my Business Writing lessons!       

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