What is your style? What does style and teaching have in common?


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Some years ago  I've had the opportunity to work in the Fashion Industry; as time passed by it came more and more obvious the importance of the style in one's every day life or in a working environment. In English there is a saying that I quite like and it goes like this : " Dressed to the Nines!". This means to be stylishly or pleasingly clothed. 

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But why is style so important and what has it to do with teaching? you might ask. I would say that style is important because it is the first impression that you can make before people get to actually know you. One's style can help break the ice at a first meeting, being easy to make some stylish small talk and get comfortable when meeting new people. 

The clothes that you wear can make you seem either too serious or too funny. Me, for example, especially when I have lessons with kids, I like to dress with colourful clothing, with funny prints or funny accessories. 

On the other hand, when I give lessons to adults, I will surely go for something more formal and not too colourful. Having a business style keeps the atmosphere of the lesson running at a more serious pace. 

But the style is not only clothing, it is also the posture you keep and the gestures you make, and even the way you speak. In English we say about someone that is very energic that he or she is a "boundle of energy" and  part of someone's style is also the way they act or react to certain situations. 

So when you see someone being very energic or having a more relaxed approach to teaching just think about what their style is. 

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